Reza Salamat

Right from the start, S.H Financial impressed me with their knowledge, efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired me, but generated the results I was looking for.

At the first; I needed information about Life Insurance, RRSP, RESP and other financial subjects. After participating in S.H Financial Seminars, I found my road. I needed an effective solution to my life insurance and investment such as RESP and RRSP. They mentored and consult me step by step without any pressure and obligation. They came with the best solution for my situation. Only I am disappointed in myself why I did not contact them earlier.

Behnaz Moein

Hello dear Ms. and Mr. Amiri

I hope you are doing great. It has been a long time that I could not have chance to see you or talk with you, but I always remember all your attention and kindness that you have  towards your friends including me especially with useful contents you are sending through your E-Bulletins.

I wish all the best for you


Ahmad Shahroodi, MASc,

First of all, I want to thank you and your group for all useful editions of your bi-weekly bulletin. It’s so hard and time consuming to collect these information and share with the others. I was really interested in your articles. As a person who did read your papers every time, I really appreciate….

I am one of your regular followers. I read your articles even 2 times. I want to thank all your professional group and I will recommend you guys, to my colleagues as well….

Wish you all the best,

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