Our Mission

Our mission is providing excellent services in Ontario- Canada by providing top insurance solutions, Investment opportunities and Financial advising to our clients.

SH Insurance recognize the value of all type of insurance such as Life insurance (Term, Whole life and Universal Life) Group insurance, Health insurance, Medical and Dental insurance, Critical illness insurance, Disability insurance, Travel insurance, Long term care insurance….

SH Financial and Insurance survey the best Canadian Insurance company on your behalf and determine which insurance company best suite your financial needs. We have privilege in offering compatible insurance coverage at reasonable rate, choosing top Canadian insurance company providing the best financial service at right insurance quotation to our clients.

SH Financial strategy is to give adequate financial knowledge to the clients to help them understand products in order to simplify the right and best solution for their financial life.


  1. Comprehensive Insurance protection at reasonable rates and low cost insurance.
  2. Providing which insurance company best suites your needs and requirements.
  3. Choosing right life insurance company, offering online insurance quotes and managing progressive insurance is what we do best.


“Our one stop shop Insurance & Financial service is worth the experience”

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