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شانا بیک با سابقه طولانی در بیمه وسرمایه گذاری سرپرستی تیمی مجرب ازمتخصصین بیمه را بعهده داشته واز این طریق خدمات بیمه شخصی ومشاغل را در اونتاریو- کانادا ارائه میدهند . برای آشنائی بیشتر با زمینه فعالیت های ایشان میتوانید وبسایت موجود را مطالعه ویا ضمن تماس مستقیم از امکانات قابل ارائه  مطلع شوید

SH Financial is a team of Insurance specialists and Financial Advisors, actively respond to the client needs in all type of individual and group insurance, Saving and investment plan and risk management.

Our team of Canadian insurance brokers with great updated knowledge and experience in all type of insurance and financial plans from different credible insurance companies in Toronto and Financial institution in GTA, are providing straightforward paths towards our clients success.

We are Financial -workshops facilitator in York Region as well and also organize informative seminar and sessions in order to help communities to better understand about insurance and Financial protections that can provide them “peace of mind”.

S&H Financial and Insurance is client oriented and providing financial services such as:

Individual Insurance:

Life Insurance
Term life insurance
Whole life insurance
Universal life insurance

Mortgage Insurance
Disability Insurance
Critical Illness Insurance
Long term care Insurance
Medical and Health Insurance
Drug and Dental Insurance
Travel Insurance
Visitor to Canada Insurance
Super visa Insurance
Canadian traveling Insurance
Foreign student Insurance

Financial and Investment

Financial need Analysis (FNA)
Segregated Funds (Investment plans)
RESP (Registered Educational Saving Plan)
RRSP (Registered Retirement Saving Plan)
GLWB (Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit)
Annuities ( Insurance income)

TFSA (Tax Free Saving Account)
Tax planning & Estate strategies
Investment Loans

Business Insurance

Group Insurance plans
Key Person Insurance
Buy/Sell Agreement Insurance
Overhead Expenses Insurance

We believe: “Applying knowledge is the Power”

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