What is the financial means?

Finance measures the risks vs. profits.
Finance industry is science of money management. The general areas of finance discuss how the money will be used to generate more profit, business finance (Project operation, trading and investments), personal finance (loan, mortgage, budget planning) and public finance (Stock, bonds, government investment).

Financial professionals are expert to study financial performance (growth rate), market fluctuation and market value of saving and investment. Then based on right plan and right decision (considering statistics and history), forecast future value of the market’s present value.

Budget planning, Tax planning and Estate planning are three areas of financial profession which is performing by financial planner and financial advisor for clients.

What are the main factors in financial industry?

Financial discussing money movement in various portfolios (asset allocation), investment and saving money (in Segregated fund, mutual fund, GIC, borrowing, lending) considering external factors (interest rate and inflation rate).
A key point in finance, which affects decisions, is the time value of money, which states that a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow.

What are the main financial institutions in Canada?

There are several types of financial institutions in Canada, Ontario and Toronto which main of them are:

  1. Bank (checking account, saving account, loan, mortgage, RRSP, RESP, TFSA…)
  2. Insurance company (risk management, insurances, seg fund, investment, claims…)
  3. Trust company (finance, lending, investment ….)
  4. Credit union ( the same as cooperative bank for the members)
  5. Investment dealer ( diversification of investment and assets)
  6. Stock dealer (buy and sell stock)

What are main topics in Finance?

There are some topics which finance attends them like:

  • Money; is national and international currency and purchasing power.
  • Debt; is an obligation owed by one party (debtor) to the second party (creditor), like: mortgage.
  • Loan; is a type of debt and is a financial assets over time, between lenders and borrower like:  RRSP loan, life insurance policy loan.
  • Lender; is an individual or association which pays money/credit to the applier (borrower)
  • Borrower; is an individual or entity who receive money/credit from the lender.
  • Interest rate; is the percentage of an amount of moneycharged for its use per some period of time (often a year).                                                                          
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