Travel Insurance

What’s travel insurance and definition?

Travel insurance is to protect your travel investment, cover emergency medical expenses, and give you peace of mind during your trip. It’s considered essential for you to hold adequate travel insurance, whether traveling for business or vacation, travel insurance protection packages give you financial security for those unexpected problems that may occur in your trip.

How long is the maximum period of travel insurance?

Travel insurance offer the coverage you need while are outside your home, Toronto, Ontario or Canada, for single trips up to 183 days and for multiple trips up to 365 days.

Is travel insurance good for new immigrants and visitors to Canada?

As a new immigrant you must reside in Canada and Ontario for three months before qualifying for provincial health coverage (OHIP). If you are new immigrant to Canada, you need to have visitor to Canada insurance (travel insurance). Travel insurance is necessary for visitors to Canada during period of visiting Canada to protect them and their company from the high costs of medical emergencies in Canada especially in Ontario.

Is necessary to get travel insurance for trip to outside Canada?

Emergency medical expenses are not generally covered by your Ontario health insurance plan (OHIP) and these expenses can be financially overwhelming.

Travel insurance can help you have a suitable protection against emergency medical , accidents, flight interruption, luggage lost, hospitalize and even life insurance coverage during your trip for vacation or business outside Canada.

How is travel insurance out of Toronto (within Canada)?

While traveling outside Ontario, some medical and Para medical expenses may only be partially covered by your Ontario health insurance plan (OHIP). So it’s wise to get adequate travel insurance for traveling within Canada. Whether you travel frequently or occasionally, there should be an emergency medical piece of mind as travel insurance plan.

How can we get the best travel insurance?

To get the best travel insurance plan in terms of cost, coverage and waiting period it’s better to consult with your advisor.

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